2008 Bowman Football

What I pulled--
Blue Parallel (#ed to 500) – Tashard Choise
Orange Parallel (#ed to 250) – Santonio Holmes, Ryan Clady
Xfractor (#ed to 275) – Steve Johnson
Gold Refractor – Jonathan Wilhite (#42/50)
Relic – Felix Jones navy blue jersey
Autograph – Mike Smith

Rookies, rookies and more rookies. Of course, I defy you to know who all of them

That is the theme of Bowman Football, of course, which is always the case. This
incarnation is along the lines of all the previous ones, and provides collectors with a
great array of both veterans and rookies in both regular and Chrome cards. The
design is sharp and attractive (which, of course, is usually the case) and the extra
value of parallels and Refractors is here, as always.

What else is there to say? Relics add even more value, and one per box autographs
(Atlanta coach Mike Smith? Really?) make the chase for guys like Darren McFadden
and Matt Ryan fun for those looking for a high-ticket auto.

A simple, traditional product like this is easy review, and talking more about it would be superfluous. Football collectors would
be well-served to get some of this quickly, as it is worth every penny.......................