2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball

What I pulled--

Refractors - Andruw Jones, Dan Uggla, Robinzon Diaz, Justin Masterson, Nick Blackburn, Kosuke Fukudome
Xfractor - Aaron Hill (#182/250)
Prospect Refractor - Brandon Laird (#82/500)
Prospect Xfractor - Jake Arrieta (#176/250)

Prospect Xfractor Auto - Austin Jackson (#39/250)

Bowman Chrome is simple to review.

Anyone who collects baseball cards is familiar with Bowman Chrome, annually one

of the most popular boxes to hit the market. Loaded with debut cards for some of the
biggest names in the minor leagues, collectors flock to their dealers in hopes of
getting that elusive autograph, Xfractor or colored Refractor.

It is silly to go too in depth about this brand. What you see in the break above really is

what you get. The bells and whistles are simple to see, with the Refractors coming
in colors that collectors lovingly refer to as the “rainbow” as they hope to get one of
their favorite players in each color.

One flaw I did notice this year is that all of my base Refractors were cut off-center, with the card cut towards the top edge. I have
a feeling a premium is going to be placed on cards that are centered this time around, as the off-cut is noticeable. But aside
from that, this set is its usual flawless self. It might skew towards the prospector rather than the mainstream collector, but that
is certainly not a bad thing........................