2008-09 Topps Tip Off Basketball

What I pulled--
Red Parallels (#ed to 2008) – 36
Gold Parallels – Karl Malone (#53/99)
Tattoos – Nets, Rockets, Bulls, Cavaliers, Thunder, Timberwolves
Printing Plate – Gilbert Arenas Magenta

One of my biggest pet peeves is eliminated with Tip Off Basketball

What is that pet peeve, you may ask? Well, I’m a fan of getting kids involved in collecting cards. That is how

I started, and how many of you started. This hobby needs more kids in order to maintain its long-term
health. So, when sets like Opening Day Baseball or Kickoff Football hit the shelves, I applaud the concept,
but am disappointed that the set is simply a toned down parallel version of the Topps base sets.

That isn’t the case here.

Tip Off Basketball is a standalone set, yet is priced and geared towards the younger set. A sharp design, a

numbered parallel in every pack, other tough-to-pull lower numbered parallels, tattoos and even a long
shot chance at an autograph or printing plate (I love beating the odds!!!) make this a set kids will want to
open. That is what sets like this SHOULD be about, of course. Sometimes, collecting isn’t just about relics
and autographs and low-numbered cards. It is about getting cards of your favorite players and teams, and
learning how to build sets.

I hope Tip Off stays in this mold, and I hope Topps brings the change over to the other sports. There is no

reason to have two sets that look very similar (three if you count Chrome). This is a winner, plain and