2008-09 Topps T-51 Murad Basketball

What I pulled--
Action Photo Checklists – 21 of 30
Rookie Cards – Kevin Love, Mario Chalmers, Jerryd Bayless, D.J. Augustin
Rookie Minis – Russell Westbrook, Darrell Arthur, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Kosta Koufos, O.J. Mayo
Cabinet Oversized Boxtopper – Carmelo Anthony
Framed Relic – Michael Cooper purple
Framed Silk Parallel – Elgin Baylor (#1/25)
Framed Autograph – Robin Lopez (exchange)

Following in the footprints of Allen and Ginter Baseball and Mayo Football, we now have a retro
product in Basketball. And this one might top all of the others.

Why do I like T-51 Murad so much? The design is awesome. From the player drawings to the old

school banners to the logos and “Year Established” marks, this set is so visually attractive that I
couldn’t stop looking through my box break after I opened it. Set builders, at which a product like
this is aimed, will be overwhelmingly thrilled to complete a set. Every day collectors might even be
tempted to pick up more of this than other prodcts, simply for the chance to see new pictures.

Sure, there is more in the box. Checklists feature action shots rather than drawings. Each pack

has a mini parallel. There are rookies scattered throughout the box. There are nice autos and
relics, but nothing special (which is just fine in my book – why should each product be overloaded,
when these will feel a little more special?). The silk cards (and suede and other surprises) are an
added bonus. And the boxtopper is a nice plus, as well.

Yes, I love this set. Absolutely love it..........