2008-09 Topps Signature Basketball

What I pulled--
Red Frame Parallels (#ed to 869) – Sonny Weems, Magic Johnson, John Havlicek, Eric Gordon, Samuel Dalembert, Reggie
Black Signature Parallels (#ed to 289) – Jo Jo White, Alando Tucker
Autographs – O.J. Mayo (#ed to 599), Ray Allen, Sonny Weems (#ed to 799), George Gervin (#ed to 875), Arron Afflalo (#ed to
917), Dale Ellis (#ed to 999), Thaddeus Young (#ed to 5775), Yi Jianlian (#ed to 6225)

With the end of the Topps’ NBA license almost upon us, it is time for the venerable card maker to empty the

Topps Signature loads up the autographs, with one falling per pack. We can talk all we wany about the
sleek, classy card design, or the two parallels, or the fact that every card in the box is numbered (although
the enormity of some of those numbers is staggering). The bottom line is that this product is going to be
broken simply for the autographs. For good reason, though…the checklist is downright staggering.

Basically, name any player not under exclusive contract to Upper Deck (Kobe and LeBron being the two
main current stars in that group) and the chances are they have an autograph in this set. And the best part
is that just about any of them are attainable. That is because Topps guarantees one “A” autograph per box.
So, you have a great chance of getting that Shaq auto you always wanted. Or the big rookie stars of the season – Rose,
Beasley, or Mayo. Or Dwight Howard. Or retired stars like David Robinson. See the pattern here? All of them are numbered to
very generous totals and can realistically pop up in any pack.

I think it is fair to say that three of the autos in the box I opened are above average quality – my “A” auto was Mayo, plus I got
Ray Allen and George Gervin, as well. And while every box break I’ve seen seemingly has a Yi auto in it (and with over 6000 of
them out there, it is easy to see how that happens), the big names more than cancel that out.

The price tag is reasonable, all things considered, so I strongly urge you to grab a box of Signature, and then kick back and
enjoy the ink as you open the packs. And if Topps has more products like this up their sleeves in the coming months,
collectors are going to be in for a treat..........