2008-09 Topps Co-Signers Basketball

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Rookies (#ed to 2008) – Jason Thompson, O.J. Mayo, Derrick Rose, Mario Chalmers, Jerryd Bayless
Bronze Parallels (#ed to 299) – Tony Parker, JaVale McGee
Gold Parallel – Baron Davis (#64/99)
Hyper Gold Parallel – Brandon Rush (#10/10)
Changing Faces (#ed to 899) – Magic Johnson/Carlos Boozer, Jason Kidd/Dirk Nowitzki, D.J. Augustin/Paul Pierce, Eric
Gordon/Kobe Bryant
Changing Faces Bronze (#ed to 399) – D.J. Augustin/Paul Pierce, Manu Ginobili/Andre Iguodala, Andre Iguodala/Manu Ginobili
Changing Faces Platinum – Greg Oden/Deron Williams (#89/99)
Rookie Autograph Gold – Robin Lopez (#1/25)
Co-Signers Autographs – Paul Pierce/Bill Russell (#7/7)

Can one autograph pull make a product?

There is the conundrum I’m faced with as I write this review. Why? If you missed the dual

autograph I listed about, roll your eyes a few lines up and take a peek at the scan to the right.
Yeah, that is Bill Russell. And yeah, this might be the single best autograph I’ve ever pulled, in any
pack, in any sport.

But what about the rest of the product?

Co-Signers is back, and I like it. The base cards are sharp, the parallels pop (especially the Hyper

cards), there are some great rookie autos, the duals that fall one per box carry a loaded checklist,
and numbered rookie cards. Topps has also tried something different with the Changing Faces
cards, which feature cards split in two and that can be changed with other cards to create all new
cards (note to Topps: I really like this idea – let’s keep it from getting overused, please).

So, I really like this product. I’m usually a fan of Co-Signers, and this year is one of the best,

across any of the sports.

But am I letting the Bill Russell affect the grade? Actually, I don’t think so. I really do like this set…….