2007 Topps Total Football

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
1st Edition Parallels - 18
Blue Parallels - 18
- Chester Taylor, Shaun Alexander, Larry Johnson, Jay Cutler, LaDainian Tomlinson, Reggie Bush, Eli Manning
Red Parallels - Prescott Burgess, Marion Barber III, Bradie James/Akin Ayodele, Clinton Portis, Terrell Owens, Rob
Bironas/Craig Hentrich/Courtney Roby, Derek Anderson/Ken Dorsey, David Garrard/Greg Jones, Nate Kaeding/Brandon
Manumaleuna/Billy Volek
Silver Parallels - Carson Palmer, Matt Cassell/Kevin Faulk/Ben Watson, Chris Chambers, Derrick Johnson/Kendrell Bell,
Braylon Edwards, Michael Bush
Gold Parallels - Roscoe Parrish, Mark Clayton, Kevin Mawae/Erron Kinney/Ben Troupe
Black Parallels - Sean Taylor (#18/50), Ray Lewis (#14/50)
2006 Award Winners - Shawne Merriman, Terrell Owens, Chad Pennington, DeMeco Ryans, Vince Young
Total Topps - Shaun Alexander, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer
Total Production - Marc Bulger, Carson Palmer

Topps Total is the mack daddy of football sets.

Clocking in at 550 cards, and featuring 900 NFL players, this is the set any hardcore football fan dreams of

completing. From LaDainian Tomlinson and Peyton Manning to starting offensive linemen, any name you
have heard of in the NFL, and many you might not have, is here.

Don’t come here looking for bells and whistles. Topps Total is about set building. The basic green framing

and attractive graphics and design are nice and simple, keeping the focus on the action shots, which, in a
set like this, is where it belongs. Obviously, given football attire, you don’t get the chance to pair off familiar
names with unfamiliar faces, but at least collectors have a chance to grab cards of lesser-known guys on
their favorite teams. Of course, the set is loaded with all of the top rookies in the game, as well, presenting
collectors with cards of hotshot newbies like Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch and many more.

I know I said this isn’t about bells and whistles, but there are some, mainly in the form of a multitude of

parallels. They are plentiful, and carry numbering that dwindles as you go along. There are inserts, as well,
just for a little added value, but I actually don’t think anyone would notice if those cards disappeared.

Topps Total is the kind of set that reminds me of collecting when I was a kid. No frills, just cards, and a

nice-seized set to put together. And what can be so bad about that............