2007 Topps Moments & Milestones

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Rookie Card Logo - Josh Fields
Black Parallels (#ed to 29) - Pat Burrell, Roger Clemens (2), Jim Edmonds, Ken Griffey Jr., Vladimir Guerrero, Randy Johnson
(3), Mickey Mantle (3), Hideki Matsui (2), Alex Rodriguez (2), Barry Zito
Red Parallel (#1/1) - Mickey Mantle Runs 94
Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 Boxtopper - 106, 120

Hector Gimenez, Conor Jackson

Welcome to what might be most polarizing new product on the market today.

When the concept of Moments & Milestones was announced, there was a great deal of head-scratching
and asking, "Huh?" So, let me see if I can describe this...

It is a 193-card set, featuring 80 different players (including 8 rookies). Each card in the checklist
represents a specific milestone for that  player, be it Albert Pujols' 37 homers in his rookie season or
Randy Johnson's 364 strikeouts when winning the Cy Young. Each of those cards has a variation counting
off each of the homers, strikeouts, etc. Every base card is numbered to 150, and has a black parallel #ed
to 29 and a red, 1-of-1 parallel.

OK. That is it in a nutshell, and for those unfamiliar with the product, I hope I explained it well enough.

Now, on to the box break, which is where it gets even more polarizing. Because every card is numbered to
no more than 150, and with a card #ed to 29 in each pack, and with 1-of-1s falling one in every 30 packs
(yes, you read that right), many collectors are upset with the flooding of the market of so many low
numbered cards, especially the plentiful red parallels. I will admit my excitement of pulling a 1/1 of Mickey
Mantle was tempered a bit when I then went and read to odds of pulling one of these usual rarities. Only
time will tell just what kind of impact we will see from this.

Bells and whistles? Not really necessary, but there are two autographs in each box and, while the ones I
pulled are nothing special, I've seen lots of David Wrights and Ryan Howards appearing on message
boards, so there are plenty of good ones out there to be had. Topps also continues the cross-brand Alex Rodriguez Road to
500 insert here with a two-card boxtopper pack.

I'll say it again. There are going to be people that love this set and people that hate it. Player collectors will have a big
challenge collecting all of the cards they need. Set builders will need to decide what constitutes a complete set. 1-of-1
collectors are going to have a field day sccoping these up.

As for me, I'm going to keep staring at my Mantle masterpiece. I still think that is a box maker, and it made me a happy