2007 Topps Heritage

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Yellow Name Variations – Mark Kotsay, Magglio Ordonez, David Wright
Yellow Team Variations – Cole Hamels
Chrome (#ed to 1958) – Pedro Feliz, J.J. Putz, John Smoltz
Chrome Refractor (#ed to 558) – Erik Bedard
Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 - #51
Flashback – Jim Bunning
Mickey Mantle Home Runs - #5, #11, #13, #23, #29
New Age Performers – Craig Biggio, Albert Pujols
Then and Now – Luis Aparicio/Jose Reyes
Felt 1958 Team Logo Boxtopper – Chicago Cubs

I might rave endlessly about the Topps base set, but Topps Heritage might be on the verge of
surpassing it as the top set in the hobby, year in and year out.

Featuring the 1958 Topps design, this year's Heritage set spares no detail in making the set feel
like it was released in 1958. From the framing and design to the coloring to the coloring variations
to the card backs, Topps has, once again, made a set that remains true to the cause - flashing
back to a day where baseball cards was as much about the fun of collecting as it is about the
dollars and cents today.

Of course, as is the case in 2007, there is more to a box of Topps Heritage than just the base cards
(which, if you ask me, is all you really need in this product). There are plenty of inserts, most of them
standard for this line - Flashbacks, New Age Performers and Then and Now appear every year, yet never
get old. Chrome parallels and refractors are here, of course, and give the cards a different dimension. The
new Mickey Mantle Home Run cards are fun and will be a blast for some collectors who choose to get all
of them. The Alex Rodriguez cards are a cross-brand insert in all of the new Topps products. The felt
boxtopper is kinda neat, with a Cubs logo circa 1958 on it. There are autographs and relics out there, too,
but at odds of around one every other box.

This one is about the set. Setbuilders annually get excited putting this one together. The short prints,
which fall one in every other pack, replace the numbered series of yesteryear and add a nice challenge. The yellow variations
would make a VERY cool set to build, as well.

The set has always been the allure of Topps Heritage, and this year is no exception. And year in and year out, Topps hits all
the right notes. If this is what card collecting was like 50 years ago, I can only imagine the fun kids had in those