2007 Topps Co-Signers

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Red - Alex Rios/Vernon Wells (#170/299), Adrian Beltre/Richie Sexson (#141/299)
Bronze - Magglio Ordonez/Gary Sheffield (#249/275)
Blue - Hideki Okajima/Daisuke Matsuzaka (#149/250), Brandon Phillips/Adam Dunn (#171/250)
Gold - A.J. Burnett/Roy Halladay (#82/225)
Silver Red - Melvin Mora/Nick Markakis (#54/199)
Silver Gold - Glenn Perkins/Ubaldo Jimenez (#18/125)
HyperSilver Bronze - Derek Jeter/Robinson Cano (#41/50)
A-Rod Road to 500 - 179, 183

Base Autograph - Alex Gordon
Solo Sigs - Matt Cain
Co-Signers - Matt Albers/Brian Slocum

I decided to look back at my review of 2006 Co-Signers before reviewing this year's edition. And in doing
so, I noticed that last year's formula is repeated almost exactly this year.

Take a set of all of MLB's stars. Get a couple of nice action shots. Put together a sharp, eye-catching
design, throw in a ton of parallels and lots of autographs, and, voila, you've got Co-Signers. And like last
year, it works. It might not be the greatest set on the market, but it certainly is a blast to open.

This year's base cards are white, very white, with a black and white and a color action shot of each player
on the card. The design is a lot neater than last year, and much more pleasing to the eye because of it.
The player list is fairly predictable, although it does contain a Daisuke Matsuzaka rookie card among the
high-end names.

The multiple levels of parallels are back, as well, with varying numbers starting at 299 and going all the
way to 1 of 1. Each pack that does not have an autograph will have one of the parallels, giving each pack a
value card of some sort.

Now, about those autographs. There are plenty. Three in each twelve-pack box, in fact, with one being a
dual autograph (or a one per case triple). The autographs skew heavily to younger players and prospects,
as you can see from the ones I pulled, but stars like David Wright and Ryan Howard are well-represented,
too. Each box also contains a two-card pack of the cross-brand A-Rod Road to 500 insert, just for a little
added oomph.

At around $8 per pack, with a one-in-four chance of pulling an autograph, the value of Co-Signers is better than most. Once the
parallels are thrown in, the chances of pulling a high dollar card increases even more. In other words, you will be happy
cracking a box...................