2007 Topps Football

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
1st Edition - Asante Samuel Postseason Highlights
Copper (#ed to 2007) - Derrick Burgess, J.P. Losman, Matt Schaub, Mike Williams, Colts Defense Postseason Highlights
Gold - Jamal Lewis (#14/52)
Flight to 420 - 40, 51, 58, 71, 87, 90
Generation Now - Reggie Bush 88, Marques Colston 132, Steven Jackson 4, Greg Jennings 1, Kevin Jones 110, Matt Leinart
405, Eli Manning 3, Alex Smith 288, 293
Hall of Fame - Gene Hickerson, Michael Irvin, Roger Wehrli
Hobby Masters - Shaun Alexander, Larry Johnson, Carson Palmer, Michael Vick
Own the Game - Drew Brees, Robbie Gould, Devin Hester, Justin Miller
Ring of Honor - Peyton Manning
Rookie Fantasy Challenge - Chris Henry, Jason Hill, Calvin Johnson, Robert Meachem, Lawrence Timmons (x2)
Running Back Royalty - Tomlinson/Brown, Tomlinson/Sanders, Tomlinson/Smith

2007 Topps Football picks up, believe it or not, where 2007 Topps Baseball left off.

Base sets are the bread and butter of the Topps empire, and 2007 is proving to be a banner year
for the card maker. Everything that is great about the Baseball set transfers over to Football,
making this a set for the ages.

The design is the same, happily, with black borders and color-schemed squares in the corners.
Multiple levels of parallels abound, with the copper numbered to 2007, the gold numbered to 52 and the
1st Edition falling with a seal on the card once per box (although I would prefer to see something stronger
to signify these cards, since they are designed to be somewhat tough to pull).

The inserts, as always, are simple, yet very effective. As in Baseball, Generation Now is here, featuring the
biggest young stars in the game and highlighting their 2006 accomplishments. The Brett Favre Flight to
420 inserts are reminiscent of the A-Rod Road to 500 cross-brand cards that debuted this year, and will
be a fun set to build for fans of one of the game's most legendary quarterbacks. Running Back Royalty
pairs off many of the great running backs in history. Rookie Fantasy Challenge is just that, with fans able to
build fantasy teams by entering codes on the cards into a game. The rest are straightforward and have
appeared before, always to smiles when pulled.

It is rare for Topps to make a misstep with their base sets. This is not one of them. Football card collectors, especially those
who are fans of the traditional card collecting ways, will be thrilled with this box............