2007 Topps Triple Threads Football

What I pulled--
Base Cards (#ed to 1449) - Rex Grossman, Steve Smith, Javon Walker
Brown Parallel (#ed to 639) - Franco Harris, Carson Palmer
Triple Relic - Brady Quinn triple patch (two white, one brown with Reebok logo, #2/18)

Topps Triple Threads returns for a second go-round, and it is just as nice as the first.

We all know about high-end products, and this one certainly fits that bill. Six cards for per pack, two
packs per box, $150 per box sounds steep, but the hits in this product are awesome and, in some
cases, legendary.

The base cards are of the best quality, printed on thick stock, with parallels numbered all the way
down to 1. All of the big names are here, as are many Hall of Fame legends. Most people look at
these cards simply as window dressing, however, as they get lined up for the pack hit.

Each pack comes with either a triple relic or autographed triple relic, and the combinations are astounding, even for the solo
player cards. For example, check out the Brady Quinn triple I pulled on the right. Two solid white patches sandwich a portion of
the Reebok jersey from his shoulder, making this a rookie relic card that would be a fine addition to any collection. Oh, did I
mention it was numbered to just 18? It might not be a 1-of-1 White Whale that makes this product famous, but I certainly
cannot be unhappy.

only opened one of the packs in the box, but in this case, the grade will come, because it is an easy one. High end
purchasers cannot go wrong here. It is that easy