2007 Topps Football Exclusive Rookie Set

Run, don't walk to your local Target. If you don't, it will be tough to get your hands on this one.

Topps has issued a special boxed rookie card set exclusively through Target, featuring 30 of the top rookies in the NFL. And
yes, the biggest one of all, Minnesota's Adrian Peterson, is included.

The design, which is a white version of the 2007 black-framed Topps set, is simple and unimportant. What is importnat is that
checklist. What is also important is that each box contains one relic card (mine was of Green Bay's Brandon Jackson). One in
119 boxes will have an exclusive autographed card.

And Adrian Peterson is in the set.

Who else is in it? JaMarcus Russell, Calvin Johnson and Brady Quinn, for starters. Any questions as to why it won't stay on
shelves for long? You can be assured that many, many collectors out there will take it, keep it sealed, and put it away for safe
keeping. That is, after they hoard them.

ave I mentioned Adrian Peterson is in it?............