2007 Finest Football

What I pulled--

Parallels and Inserts:
Vince Young Box Toppers (#ed to 899) – VY 2, VY 4

Mini Box 1-
Rookie Cards - Steve Breaston, Jason Hill, Trent Edwards, Adrian Peterson, Ted Ginn Jr., Tony Hunt, Kevin Kolb, Yamon
Figurs, Marshawn Lynch
Refractor - Joseph Addai
Blue Rookie Refractor - Ryne Robinson (#35/299)
Black Rookie Refractor - Robert Meachem (#48/99)
Finest Moments 2007 Rookie - Drew Stanton
Finest Moments Refractor - Frank Gore
Finest Moments Blue Refractor - Drew Brees (#203/299)
Finest Moments Autograph - Dwayne Bowe

Mini Box 2-
Rookie Cards - David Clowney, Chris Leak, Joe Thomas, Dwayne Jarrett, Brandon Jackson, Antonio Pittman, Paul Williams,
Michael Bush
Refractor - J.P. Losman
Blue Refractor - Andre Johnson (#99/299)
Green Refractor - Muhsin Muhammad (#16/199)
Finest Moments
- Chad Johnson
Finest Moments 2006 Rookie - Jay Cutler
Finest Moments 2007 Rookie Refractor - Steve Smith
Rookie Autograph - Criag Davis

Mini Box 3-
Rookie Cards - Jason Hill, Garrett Wolfe, Steve Breaston, Kenny Irons, Kenneth Darby, Ryne Robinson, Aundrae Allison,
Patrick Willis, Kolby Smith
Refractor - Matt Hasselbeck
Blue Refractor - Lee Evans (#142/299)
Finest Moments 2006 Rookie - Matt Leinart
Finest Moments 2007 Rookie Refractor - Robert Meachem
Finest Moments Green Refractor - Steve Smith (#166/199)
Finest Moments Dual Autograph - John Beck/Ted Ginn Jr. (#15/20)

One of the hobby’s longest running premium brands is back for another go-round. And, as usual, it
doesn’t disappoint. Topps Finest is one of the company’s most successful lines, spanning all sports and
packing a regular punch. 2007 Topps Finest Football is no exception.

As always, high quality chrome cards with tons of parallels and autographs highlight a box of Finest. This

year’s design isn’t the strongest one we’ve seen (actually, it’s kinda boring), but the player selection and
quantity of rookies and parallels more than makes up for that. Refractors, colored Refractors and Xfractors
abound, with the colored variety carrying numbers that decrease from color to color. In addition, each
6-pack mini-box comes with three Finest Moments inserts, featuring dozens of today’s stars and rookies.
These cards, of course, also come in Refractors and colored Refractor variations. Each full box also has
two one-card boxtopper packs, featuring special cards of Vince Young and Reggie Bush #ed to 899 or
less, but these cards are just icing on the whole box.

The real allure to Finest, if Refractors aren’t your thing, that is, are the rookie cards and autographs (which

sort of go hand-in-hand, when you think about it). All of the new NFL stars are here, from Russell and
Quinn to Lynch and Peterson, falling either one or two per pack. The autograph pulls lean very heavily
towards the rookies, as well, and span both the regular set and the Finest Moments inserts. Yes, there are
plenty of vets on the checklist, but more than likely, you’ll grab three rookies, which might not be a bad
thing if you are lucky to pull ones of the big guns in a good rookie class. There are some dual autographs,
too, for the very lucky (such as me this time around!!!).

There are higher priced products out there, as well as lower. If you can afford to spend the extra couple of

dollars, this is a solid buy. You’ll be getting plenty of rookie cards and one autograph per mini-box, which is a pretty solid way
of checking out a product.

I’ve always been a fan of the whole Finest line. This design knocks the grade down a hair, but it is still a quality