2007 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Football

What I pulled--

Rookie Cards and Parallels:
Rookie Cards - 31, including JaMarcus Russell, Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch
Chrome - 13, including four rookies: JaMarcus Russell, Dwayne Bowe, LaMarr Woodley, Anthony Gonzalez
Bronze Chrome - Antonio Gates, Marshawn Lynch, DeAngelo Williams, Drew Stanton
Refractors - Ronnie Brown, Ben Roethlisberger
Bronze Refractor - Rudi Johnson (#129/250)
Silver Refractor - Zach Miller (#10/125)
2006 Flashback - Jay Cutler
2006 Chrome Flashback - Reggie Bush, Jay Cutler

Relic Cards and Autographs:
Senior Standouts - Adam Carriker white Senior Bowl jersey
Class Marks - Rhema McKnight

Wondering what your favorite 2007 NFL rookies will look like on cardboard? Well, wait no longer. Topps
Draft Picks and Prospects is here to show you. Of course, Topps Draft Picks and Prospects football is a
very specialized product that really isn't for everyone.

This one is for the hardcore football fan. The base cards are almost superfluous in this set, as only player
collectors will really be interested in the veterans in the set. This one is all about the newbies, all of whom
make their first appearance on a Topps card. So, get set for that rush of JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn
and Adrian Peterson cards, because the first batch is here.

Each pack comes with at least one rookie card in it, as well as one chrome parallel card, featuring all of
the cards in the set. There are some unnumbered and some numbered refractor parallels, as well,
making the chase for some of the higher profile rookies a little more fun for some fans (and providing one
of the few pack-opening thrills for veteran card collectors). There are also relics and autographs, with two
hits per box (either two relics or one relic and one auto). Again, these cards focus on the rookies.

I have a feeling you get my drift about Draft Picks and Prospects. If you are into football rookies, this is right
up your alley. The price is right, so multiple boxes are certainly affordable if that is your style. But buyer
beware, since there are so many rookies, the Russells, Quinns, et al are joined by plenty of names only
the biggest fans will have heard of. The price makes it worth the gamble, though...........