2007 Topps Co-Signers Football

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Rookie Cards (#ed to 2249) - Steve Breaston, Tony Hunt, Troy Smith, Gaines Adams
Gold Red (#ed to 399) - Dan Marino/John Beck, Greg Jennings/David Clowney, Brandon Jackson/Greg Jennings
Gold Blue (#ed to 349) - Dan Marino/John Elway, Antonio Pittman/Robert Meachem, Dwayne Jarrett/Steve Smith
Gold Green (#ed to 249) - David Clowney/Brandon Jackson, Drew Brees/Reggie Bush
HyperSilver Red - Troy Smith/Vince Young (#6/150)
HyperSilver Blue - Jerry Rice/Frank Gore (#95/99)

Rookie Autograph - David Clowney
Co-Signers Autograph - Jerricho Cotchery/Chansi Stuckey

Topps has decided to move its Co-Signers Baseball brand over to football. As a baseball
collector, I've checked this out in the past, and, found it to be solid.

It is no different for football. Solid. But with one improvement.

The concept for Co-Signers is simple. The base cards feature two pictures of the player on the
card, one in color, one in a sort of "shadow" picture. The one per pack parallels feature a player (in
a color photo) along with a second, shadowed player. These dual player cards are numbered, and come
in a plethora of parallels, from the basic gold cards to the HyperSilver cards and beyond, with each level
coming in different colors. Confusing? Slightly, but not as confusing as something else. Many collectors
aren't sure who the featured player on the card is. It is the player in the color photo, but that player's name
is on the bottom of the card, not the top, where most eyes are drawn. That one design flaw knocks the
product down a peg, but there is something in these cards that picks it back up.

Everyone likes legends. And there are some legends incorporated into Co-Signers that add a little life to
the checklist. Not only is Dan Marino paired with John Beck to honor Dolphins QBs, but he is also paired
on a card with John Elway. These neat pairings are a lot of fun to pull out of a pack for both old and young

What else makes this a great product? Autographs, of course. Two per box - one of a rookie, one of a pair of players. There are
some other, tougher pulls, such as veteran autographs, Tri-Signers, and more. But most boxes will yield a pair of autographs
similar to mine, making them hit or miss. As a Jet fan, my dual is a definite hit, of course.

There is some nice bang for the buck in C-Signers, with autographs falling one in six packs. It is a moderately priced set, so
boxes are affordable. There is nothing major to dislike about it, so I stand by my original feeling. Solid