2007 Bowman Chrome Football

What I pulled--

Rookie Cards - 18, including Adrian Peterson
Refractors - Jamal Lewis, Lee Evans, Darrell Jackson, Chester Taylor, Amani Toomer
Blue Refractor - Steve Smith (NYG rookie #60/150)
Encased Boxtopper Refractor (#ed to 1079) - Dwayne Wright

Rookie Autograph - Selvin Young redemption

As I talked about in my review of 2007 Bowman Football, this year's set underwent a rather drastic change.
Those changes have carried over to Bowman Chrome Football.

Gone are the color codes separating vets and rookies. In is a Rookie Card denotation instead. I'm sure
some collectors love this change, while others hate it (personally, I like it now that I've given it some time to
sink in). Aside from this, this is the same set collectors have come to know and love over the years.

Bowman claims to be the "Home of the Rookie Card" for a reason, and this set shows why. All of the big
names are here: Peterson, Russell, Quinn, etc. All of the cards come in the usual parallels, starting with
regular Refractors, then continuing on into the colored Refractors. There is an encased boxtopper
Refractor, as well. And autographs fall one per box, as usual.

The downside? In my case, it is obvious. Redemption cards are the bane of the hobby, and drive collectors
wild. In a product where one autograph falls per box, it is a frustrating experience for a collector to pull one,
and then have to potentially wait months to get the card - and, in this case, one of a middle of the road
rookie, no less. I understand the reason for it...but it doesn't have to mean I like it.

Everything else in this set is status quo, though. Yes, there are some rookies that are out of the league.
Yes, the numbering is a tad confusing, starting at 56 to keep it in line with the Chrome cards that were in
the base Bowman packs.

Bowman Chrome is the epitome of what you see is what you get. It isn't for everyone, but those who it is for will love it. As