2007 Bowman Football

What I pulled--

Blue (#ed to 500) - Matt Leinart, Eric Wright
Orange (#ed to 250) - Michael Turner

Relic Cards and Autographs:
Fabric of the Future - Lorenzo Booker teal jersey
Signs of the Future - Zac Taylor

Um, did I miss something? Bowman Football is here, but with a big cosmetic change. And I'm torn on
whether it is a good one.

At first glance, Bowman looks like it always does. Nice, simple, clean design and traditional black borders.
But all of the cards have the same red framing. While, in the past the veteran cards were in red and rookies
were in blue, this year, all the cards are the same. Instead, the rookies are now denoted with a Rookie
Card shield logo instead. Some may applaud the more consistent base set, while others will say that the
different colored framing was preferable. Me? I'm not so sure either way. I'm a traditionalist at heart, but
don't necessarily mind a uniform color scheme.

What else is there to talk about with this year's Bowman set? Well, it is business as usual the rest of the
way. Tons of rookie cards (either three or four per pack) make this one of the most anxiously awaited
products of the year. Add in the value f the gold parallels and two Chrome rookies per pack, and collectors,
as usual, will be buying this low-priced product in droves, searching for those high-in-demand Adrian
Peterson rookies, not to mention the rest of this year's rookie class.

Yes, there are more parallels, with blue and orange being the most common. In addition, each box will
have one autograph and one relic card, adding to the chase to get some of the big rookies in these forms.
But all of those care really bonuses to the meat and potatoes in this set.

Regular collectors of Bowman know what this box has to offer. Once you get past the cosmetic change, it
is still the same solid product it always is. And set-builders and rookie collectors will make sure to make this one of the most
successful products of the season...........