2007 Topps Chrome Football

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Rookie Cards - Eric Wright, Rhema McKnight, Robert Meachem, Lorenzo Booker, Chris Leak, Kolby Smith, Aundrae Allison,
Victor Abiamiri, LaMarr Woodley, Zac Taylor, Lawrence Timmons, Marcus McCauley
Refractors - Frank Gore, Trent Green, Steve Smith, Thomas Jones, Troy Williamson
Rookie Refractors - Kevin Kolb, Steve Smith, Darius Walker
White Refractors (#ed to 869) - Troy Williamson, Jeremy Shockey, Yamon Figurs, Zac Taylor
Red Refractor Boxtopper - J.P. Losman (#59/139)
LaDainian Tomlinson Variations - TD3, TD4
Ring of Honor - Peyton Manning
Running Back Royalty - Tomlinson/Payton, Tomlinson/Sayers
Flight To 420 - 10, 11, 12, 33, 45, 65
Flight To 420 White Refractor - 34 (#55/100)

Rookie Autograph:
- Gary Russell

Reviewing Topps Chrome is simple.

If you like a base Topps set, there is no reason to think you aren’t going to like the Chrome

equivalent. Toss in the added value of Refractors and even some colored variations, and Topps
Chrome Football easily gets solid marks.

Topps’ decision to go with the same base set design across all sports in 2007 was a smart one,

given the simple beauty of the design. And, as we learned with Chrome Baseball, the design translates
quite well when converted to Chrome.

What is different here? Not all that much. All the stars are here, as are the big rookies. Many of the inserts

have been converted, too, with the exception of Generation Now, although those are replaced by a
LaDainian Tomlinson variation insert set. In addition, each box has an autograph n it, although the
checklist is hit or miss – I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable football fan, but have never heard of the
rookie whose auto I pulled. In a base set, however, there really is no reason to quibble about any auto.
Each box also has a low numbered boxtopper, just for one more piece of value, not to mention put a smile
on the face of player collectors.

I’ve long said that these are the easiest sets to grade, given the similarities to the base sets. And as we all know, I love the
entire line of 2007 base sets, so my grade is very easy............