2007 Topps Chrome Baseball

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Refractors - Carlos Beltran, Adrian Beltre, Craig Biggio, Kenji Johjima, Andruw Jones GG, Brett Myers, Jim Thome, Josh
White Refractors (#ed to 660) - Ryan Garko, Reed Johnson, Brandon McCarthy, Micah Owings
Red Refractor Boxtopper - Brian Schneider (#46/99)
Mickey Mantle Home Run History - 210, 270, 290
Mickey Mantle Story - 7, 19, 25
Michey Mantle Story Refractor - 9 (#372/500)
Generation Now - Ryan Howard 55, Nick Markakis 10, Nick Swisher 1, Hanley Ramirez 10, Justin Verlander 15
Generation Now White Border Refractor - Hanley Ramirez 40 (#145/200)
A-Rod Road to 500 - 226, 243

Chris Stewart, Delwyn Young

Topps Chrome is back, and we all know what that means...

Beautiful, shiny cards.

This is a simple, short review to write. Take the gorgeous Topps base set, and many of its best
inserts, and apply Chrome technology to it. Voila, you have Topps Chrome.

Of course, it isn't QUITE that simple, but it is close. There are some neat bells and whistles included. The
multiple levels of refractors are here, of course, plus each box comes with two autograph cards. In
addition, there are two boxtopper packs. The red refractor (or something even better if you are lucky) comes
in one, while the two cross-brand A-Rod Road to 500 cards come in the other. Base refractors come about
eight per box, and the generous number of inserts, including the outstanding Mickey Mantle Story and
Generation Now sets, bring the ratio of inserts to one per pack, giving collectors something to smile about
every time they open a pack.

A short review? Yes. But some things sell themselves. This is one of those products. If you like chrome
cards, this review probably isn't even necessary........