2007 Bowman Sterling

What I pulled--

Pack 1--

Base Card Refractor - Jacoby Ellsbury (#81/199)
Base Prospect Card - Vic Buttler
Rookie Card Autograph - Nate Schierholtz
Prospect Autograph - Jonathan Gilmore
Base Card Relic - Andruw Jones bat

Pack 2--

Base Card - Delmon Young
Base Prospect Card - Jason Place
Prospect Autographs - Thomas Manzella, Ryan Mount
Prospect Jersey Autograph - Michael Madsen white jersey

I wish I had it in my budget to open up lots and lots of Bowman Sterling.

Year in and year out, this product blows away collectors with loaded packs and boxes, filled with
autographs of the top young players and prospects in the game. Of course, at a price somewhere
in the $40-$50 range per pack, a box can get a little pricy. If you have the means, however, the thrill
of opening a box of Bowman Sterling is worth it.

I had the chance to open up two packs, and while I didn't break the bank with my pulls, how can I not be
happy. High quality cards on chrome stock, with three autos per pack (or two plus a veteran relic card),
make this a blast to open. Throw in an extra autograph in the boxtopper and you can see that, despite the
high price tag, this is still worth the money if you have it.

I am withholding a grade, given that I opened less than a box. Rest assured, though, that I'm pretty sure it
would be very, very high. Instead, just enjoy some of the scans I included.......................