2007 Bowman's Best

What I pulled--

Mini Box 1--

Inserts and Autographs:
Alex Rodriguez 500 Career Home Runs Insert
Prospect - Dellin Betances (#359/499)
Green Parallels - Hunter Pence (#39/249), David Wright (#166/249)
Base Autographs - Andre Ethier, Glen Perkins
Prospect Autograph - Billy Rowell

Mini Box 2--

Inserts and Autographs:
Rookie Logo Card - Tony Abreu (#385/799)
Green Prospect Parallel - Greg Smith (#7/249)
Base Autographs - Andre Ethier, Ryan Braun
Blue Prospect Autograph Parallel - Joe Mather (#87/99)
Printing Plate - Manny Ramirez Magenta (#1/1)

Bowman's Best is back after a short hiatus, and it is better than ever.

The concept here is very simple. HIgh quality, thick, glossy cards, lots of autographs, colored parallels and
a few fun extra touches throw in make this one of my personal favorites to open of all of the 2007 Topps
Baseball products.

Bowman's Best is not cheap. I had the chance to open two mini-boxes (each box of Best comes with three,
much like Topps Finest), each with five packs in each mini-box. And these boxes are absolutely loaded.
There are three autographs in each of the mini-boxes, including one Prospect autograph. The other two
are either rookies or veterans, with a checklist that includes Topps spokesmen Alex Rodriguez, David
Wright and Ryan Howard, not to mention young stars like Joba Chamberlain and Ryan Braun.

The rookie cards, Prospect cards and parallels are all gravy, though. It is the autographs that drive this
product, and they drive it very, very far. Yes, there are some fun bells and whistles, of course, such as a
card celebrating A-Rod's 500th homer, as well as the requisite printing plates. But those are just icing on
the cake.

I n
ormally don't assign grades without opening a full box, but I opened more than half in this case, and the
break was SO good that I have to give it high marks. The quality is amazing on these cards, which makes
me feel like I'm not being biased by just the break when I hand out an