2007-08 Topps Letterman Basketball

What I pulled--
Base Cards (#ed to 599) – Manu Ginobili, Shaquille O’Neal, Brandan Wright
Auto Letterman Booklet Refractor – Baron Davis (#2/5)


This was almost a one-word review, but I figured I should explain. Topps Letterman is out and, if you get as lucky as I did,
opening a pack of this stuff will put an enormous smile on your face.

The concept is simple. Three packs per box (each pack in its own box), eight boxes per case, each box going for roughly $200.
Each box contains one very nice hit, either an autograph, an autographed patch or an autographed letter card. Obviously, the
letter is the chase, but the patch cards are a thing of beauty, as well.

Then, there is the case hit. Autographed letterman booklets spelling out an individual player’s last name fall one per case, with
Refractor versions popping up on occasion (yes, this is what I pulled). The checklist is amazing…Magic, Bird, West, etc. Some
of the biggest legends and stars of today are here, making this one of the most sought after pulls in recent memory. Just
check out that scan and see the wonderment that is possible in a pack of this product. I had to do the scan in two parts, since
the cards are bound together and didn’t fit onto my scanner in one shot.

The base cards are all numbered, but let’s be honest. A product like this is not purchased for base cards. It ain’t cheap, but
that big hit will ease the conscience a bit if you get one.

Just like me.

I didn’t open at least half a box, so there is no official grade on this one. But any pull like this deserves a grade anyway…........