2007-08 Bowman Elevation Basketball

What I pulled--

Rookie Cards (#ed to 999) - Thaddeus Young, Jared Dudley, Acie Law IV, Josh McRoberts, Arron Afflalo, Greg Oden, D.J.
Strawberry, Aaron Gray, Brandon Wallace
Blue Parallels - Morris Almond (#56/99), Allen Iverson (#66/99)
Red Parallel - Josh Smith (#26/49)
Rookie Remnants - Spencer Hawes purple relic (#163/199)
Rookie Remnants Blue Parallel - Nick Young blue relic (#11/49)
Rookie Remnants Red Parallel - Jason Smith black relic (#25/29)
Rookie Remnants Dual Blue Parallel - Jermareo Davidson orange relics (#70/99)
Rookie Remnants Dual Red Parallel - Arron Afflalo blue relics (#29/79)
Elevation Relics - Michael Redd white relic (#4/179), Paul Pierce silver relic (#5/179)
Elevation Relics Blue Parallel - Dominique Wilkins red relic (#71/79)
Elevation Relics Dual - Shaquille O’Neal white relics (#57/79)
Rookie Autograph - Nick Fazekas (#132/299)
Rookie Autograph Relic - Aaron Brooks red relics (#128/169)
Rookie Autograph Relic Green Parallel - Nick Fazekas blue relic (#6/9)

Talk about bang for your buck.

Any collector will tell you that one of the fun parts of breaking a box of cards is the anticipation of the next
hit. And when a product comes along where you go 12 for 12, well, that is the best kind of box break.

Bowman Elevation provides just that. 12 hits in my 12 pack box are what I found - three autographs (two
with relics), nine relics. Factor in either a numbered rookie card or numbered parallel in each pack as well,
and you've got one of the most fun boxes of product in any sport to open in a long time.

Now, on to the actual cards. Gorgeous base cards. Simply gorgeous. A checklist featuring all the big stars
of today and a nice selection of legends from the past. Of course, the rookies are all present, from Oden
on down through the draft, with the base cards numbered to 999. There is a dizzying array of numbered
parallels for both the base cards and the rookies, with diminishing numbers, so player collectors have a
little work ahead of them if the wish to complete the "rainbow".

Then, there is the bread and butter of this set - the hits. There are a couple of base sets, each with
parallels for single and multi-relic cards, again creating some work for player collectors. The checklist
here is also outstanding, especially on the veteran and legend side. And autographs? While it might be a
little disappointing to get two of the same in one box, once you see that one is #ed to 9, some of the sting
is taken out. Again, the parallels are at work here, both with colors and relic variations.

There is NOTHING to complaining about with Bowman Elevation, and I would have no issues if this one
was named a contender for mid-priced product of the year..........