2007-08 Topps Finest Basketball

What I pulled--

Parallels and Autographs:
Rookie Cards - Kyrylo Fesenko, Jeff Green, Marcin Gortat, Cheikh Samb, Gabe Pruitt, Daequan Cook, Coby Karl, Morris
Almond, Jamario Moon, Al Horford, C.J. Strawberry, Chris Richard
Refractors - Deron Williams, Jerry West
Blue Refractor - John Stockton (#36/199)
Black Refractor - Chris Bosh (#47/75)
Rookie Refractor Autograph - Jason Smith
2008 NBA Draft Redemption Green Refractor - #23

Regular readers of my review know my feelings about Finest. It is, regardless of
sport or year, one of my favorite releases on the calendar. And 2007-08 Finest
Basketball is a prime example of why.

I only got a chance to break one mini-box (each box, as always, contains three
mini-boxes), but the results are a great indication of an outstanding product.

This year’s design is a winner, with a retro-style font, yet futuristic design. As always,
the product is loaded with Refractors and numbered parallels. And there are scads
of rookie cards and even some veteran cards in the packs, making all types of
collectors happy. There is also one autograph per mini-box, as well as a redemption
for a Draft Pick card from the recent NBA Draft, each of which will have the accompanying parallel variations.

There isn’t mush to dislike about Finest, but there never is. I’m withholding a grade since I only opened one mini-box, but I
cannot imagine I would have assigned a poor letter to this one..........