2007-08 Topps Co-Signers Basketball

What I pulled--

Rookies (#ed to 499) - Luis Scola, Daequan Cook, Morris Almond
Gold Red - Derrick Byars/Jason Smith (#107/109), Brandan Wright/Baron Davis (#19/109), Carmelo Anthony/Allen Iverson
Gold Blue - Pau Gasol/Rudy Gay (#20/89), Joakim Noah/Ben Wallace (#4/89)
Gold Green - JamesOn Curry/Aaron Gray (#28/59), Karl Malone/Carlos Boozer (#25/59)
HyperSilver Red - Arron Afflalo/Chauncey Billups (#5/39)
HyperSilver Blue - Carlos Boozer/Andrei Kirilenko (#12/29)
HyperSilver Green - Rodney Stuckey/Chauncey Billups (#12/19)

Single - Rodney Stuckey
Co-Signers - Taurean Green/David Lee

Co-Signers has quickly become one of the most popular cross-sport brands in the Topps catalog,
and makes its Basketball debut this year, to stirring results.

This is a quality purchase. Plain and simple. It starts with the great base card design, which has
gotten better with each application, from baseball to football to hoops. The white card with silver
foil contains two pictures of the card's subject, one in color, one in black and white. The checklist
contains all of today's big stars, plus dozens of legends of the game (in fact, there were almost as
many legends in my box as there were stars of today). Add to that checklist numbered cards of the
top rookies in the NBA, and you've got one of the better rosters of any set on the market.

Of course, there is a lot more to Co-Signers than the base cards. Each pack in the box of twelve contains
either a dual player card or an autograph card. The dual player cards are all numbered to decreasingly low
numbers as the dizzying array of parallels gets scarcer (one tip to Co-Singer newbies: The primary subject
of the card is named on the bottom and has the color picture, not the other way around). There are great
combos of players, including stars of yesterday paired with stars of today, teammates, rookies and more.

The bread and butter of Co-Singers, of course, is the autographs. Two per box, with one a dual auto,
highlight the box breaking experience. There are all levels of pairings in the set, with the one flaw in the
product being that none of these autographs are numbered. Aside from that, chances are you will pull at
least one player's autograph that you will be happy with, if not more.

Carrying a very affordable price of under $100 per box, Co-Signers carries quite a bit of bang for the buck. Tons of stars and
legends, ten low numbered cards and two autographs and a couple of rookie cards thrown in for good measure make buying
this product an easy decision, and assigning a grade an easy task..........