2007-08 Topps Chrome Basketball

What I pulled--

Rookie Refractors (#ed to 1499) - Jermareo Davidson, Arron Afflalo, Brandan Wright
Veteran Refractors (#ed to 999) - Josh Chlidress, Deron Williams, Richard Hamilton, Dominique Wilkins
57-58 Flashback Refractors (#ed to 999) - Darryl Dawkins, Chris Paul
Orange Veteran Refractor - Darko Milicic (#194/199)
White Framed 57-58 Flashback Refractor - Steve Nash (#89/99)

Rookie - Sean Williams (#416/539)

I have to say it. I am leaps and bounds happier with my box of Topps Chrome than I was with my box of
Bowman Draft Picks and Stars from a few weeks ago. If the makeup of that box was similar to this, my
review would have been much, much better.

That said, this is simply a nice box. Not off the charts, not disappointing. Just a solid box break. As is the
norm, Topps Chrome is the high-tech partner of the base Topps set, replete with similar card design and
lots of parallels. Each 24-pack box comes with a nice assortment of refractors, parallels with the 1957-58
design, one rookie card per pack and one autograph per box. The Flashback parallels are especially
attractive, and transfer to chrome very nicely. The base autograph list is heavy on rookies, but there are
plenty of veterans and retired stars included, with those autographs coming on the Flashback designed

Unfortunately, this product is not perfect. The flaw is with the base cards themselves. Rather than using
the black design of the regular Topps set, the base cards here are sliver, as are the player names. The
first name for each player is in small print, making them very difficult to read. While this may seem like
nitpicking to some, when looking at rookie cards, especially ones of lesser known players, it makes player
identification difficult. This is not a huge drawback to the product, but can be an annoyance to some

Topps Chrome has its purpose. Player collectors love the parallels. Rookie cards collectors love the
value. Autograph collectors get a shot at some big ticket autographs. In all, this is another solid Topps
Basketball product..........