2007-08 Bowman Draft Picks and Stars Basketball

What I pulled--

Rookie Cards (#ed to 2999) - Al Horford, Marco Belinelli
Chrome Rookies (#ed to 2999) - Yi Jianlian, Aaron Gray, Corey Brewer, Al Thornton
Black Rookie Refractor - Sean Williams (#80/199)
Bronze Parallel - Shane Battier (#369/399)
Silver Parallel - Mike Miller (#34/199)
Gold Parallel - Pau Gasol (#94/99)
Chrome Refractor - Andre Miller (#259/299)
Black Refractor - Marvin Williams (#183/199)

Relics and Autographs:
Single Relic - Brandan Wright orange uniform
Triple Relic - Acie Law IV triple navy blue uniform (#21/25)
Chrome Refractor Autograph - Morris Almond (#378/599)

Bowman claims to be "Home of the Rookie Card". If that is the case, though, why are there so few rookies
in a box of Bowman Draft Picks and Stars?

Check out the box break above. In an 18 pack box, I pulled a total of seven rookie cards, plus two rookie
relics and an autograph. And, in a star studded rookie class, none of the seven were named Oden or

This is the type of product that is driven by rookie card collectors. All Bowman products are. Or should be,
in this case. For the first time in my box breaking days, I was completely underwhelmed by a product that
had so much promise. This box should have been a home run for Topps, but came up very short.

As we all know, the concept of this product is simple. Black base cards, lots of Chrome, plenty of parallels,
both in the regualr cards and the Chrome, including Refractors. A rookie autograph in each box. Plenty of
big name relics. The make up of Bowman sets never changes. What has changed, though, in this one is
the cutback in the number of those rookie cards.

he price is more than affordable. The fun of opening the packs is still there. 2999 Oden and Durant base
cards and another 2999 Chrome cards, plus all of the parallels, are out there. Have fun chasing. But buyer
beware. The stack of rookie cards you are used having after buying a box of any Bowman product simply
will not be there this time