2006 Topps Triple Threads

What I pulled--

Base Cards:
Johnny Bench, Wade Boggs, Jose Contreras, Troy Glaus, Greg Maddux, Mike Mussina

Inserts and Parallels:
Parallels - Chris Carpenter (#89/150), Lance Berkman (#1/1)
Heroes - Mickey Mantle 1956, Carl Yastrzemski 1967

Relic Cards and Autographs:
Hideki Matsui dual white jersey/black patch (#4/18)
Jason Bay autographed dual gray jersey (#53/75)


That is all I can say after opening up my two-pack box of Topps Triple Threads. Here is a super-premium
product that is flying off shelves and bringing customers back for more. Super-premium products are tough
to review, since the reviewer is usually influenced strongly by the results of the break. I was happy, yet not
run-around-the-room excited, so I think I've got a pretty good handle on Triple Threads.

Each pack gives you six very thick cards, well packaged in a special pack that has the look and even feel of
a triple relic card. The base cards are smart and classy, with a white background a pebbly texture. Hall of
Famers are dentoed nicely atop the card, which is a different and cool touch that makes those cards feel
like they are as special as the players on them.

Each pack will have one parallel numbered to various levels. And yes, you read correctly - I pulled a 1 of 1
Lance Berkman parallel. No complaints from me there!!! The lone insert set, which also comes
one per pack, is Triple Threads Heroes, which are glossy timeline-type cards of some of the
all-time greats. As you can see from the two players I pulled, this checklist is second to none, and
even comes with a die-cut parallel that is beautiful (no luck for me on that).

The meat of this box, however, is in the autos and relics. Each pack promises either a low
sequentially numbered autographed triple relic card or a triple relic card sequentially numbered to
18 or less. And folks, these cards are just stunning.

The Rising Stars set features some of the biggest young stars in the game on autographed cards with two relics and a
special star insignia (although I, like most people, would prefer a third relic piece instead). My triple relic, though, is a stunning
piece from Hideki Matsui #ed to 18, with the middle of the three relics a piece of patch. This is just an amazing card that I am
excited to add to my collection. Some of the triple relics out there are three different players, as well, with some very interesting
combinations - some also contain three autographs, as well.

I wasn't lucky enough to pull one of the White Whale 1 of 1 autographed printing plates that come one per case. If you've seen
pictures of these cards, you know just how special they are. Kudos to Topps on including a nice number of them so that
pulling one is realistic for everyone.

Triple Threads is one of the hottest products to come along in a long time. The price is skyrocketing as stores try to keep
boxes on their shelves. Get your now, while you can, because they are worth every penny. This is your early favorite for Product
of the Year.......................