2006 Turkey Red Football

What I pulled--

Parallels and Inserts:
White Parallels - Travis Minor, Terrell Owens, Willie Parker, Mario Williams, Roy Williams (Det.)
Black Parallel - Domanick Davis
Gold Parallel - Gibril Wilson (#13/50)
B-18 Blanket - Tom Brady

Relics and Autographs:
Relic - Marvin Harrison red jersey

Picking up where it left off, Topps Turkey Red returns for a second season.

Topps has opted to go the "living set" route with Turkey Red, continuing the numbering from last
year to this year (actually, the cards are dual numbered to help avoid any confusion). If you were a
fan last year, you will be again this time around.

The Turkey Red concept is simple - it is about the artwork. The pictures are just beautiful, and have
an old-time feel to them, which is exactly what Topps has hoped to accomplish. Many cards have a
variation parallel, in most cases a different background, which makes the chase of the complete set a nice
challenge for both set builders and player collectors.

As with the entire cross-brand Turkey red line, the cards are not your usual, smooth card. The dimpled
fronts are a nice change for the norm, and have become a huge favorite of through-the-mail autograph
collectors. The parallels are here, as well, with red the most plentiful, followed by white, black, gold and
even suede.

Autos and relics fall a combined two per box (yes, once again, as with my box of Turkey Red baseball, I
came up one short of that number), and even these cards are gorgeous, and also come with multiple
parallels. The box toppers are, for the most part, either oversized Cabinet cards or B-18 Blankets, which were introduced in
this year's baseball set). These cards are an extra bonus, but are also not really what this box is all about.

No, this set is about the artwork. That alone makes it a winner......................