2006 Triple Threads Football

What I pulled--

Base Cards (#ed to 1199) - Jim Thorpe, Johnny Unitas, Doak Walker
Sepia Parallels (#ed to 499) - Larry Johnson, Michael Vick
Gold Triple Relic - LaDainian Tomlinson one-color patch/Philip Rivers white jersey/Antonio Gates red jersey (#4/9)

It says it right there on the package...

"Every mini-box contains a low sequentially numbered autographed triple relic card or a triple relic
card sequentially numbered to 36 or less!"

Topps Triple Threads Baseball was an overwhelmingly successful debut for the line in 2006, and
the first football product bearing the name has hit shelves (basketball sees Triple Threads in
about a month). The football set is every bit as great as the baseball set.

With packs coming two per box, and carrying a hefty price tag in the $100 range, the cards need to be
not just beautiful, but the big hit promised in each pack should be able to sustain value on the
secondary market. If the card I pulled is an indication, I think that goal has been accomplished.

Cards come six per pack - three base cards #ed to 1199, two parallels with varying numbers and the
big hit, which Topps clearly describes on the packaging. Of course, there are variations on these cards
numbered all the way down to 1, with patches, autographs and multiple relics from the biggest names
in both the game today and the history of football.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll let the two cards on this page (and the one on the
home page) give you a nice feel for what to expect in a pack of Triple Threads. Unfortunately, there is a very small crease in the
"S" below LT, but it is certainly not one that affects the beauty if the card). While a box is out of many people's price range, if you
can get some, do it. Now.

I only opened one pack, so my rule, I won't be giving a grade. I think I know what it should be, though.......................

Official Grade: Inc.

Hunch Grade: A+