2006 Heritage Football

What I pulled--

Parallels and Inserts:
Chrome (#ed to 1952) - Dante Hall, A.J. Hawk, Jamal Lewis, Roy Williams
Chrome Refractor - Drew Bennett (#490/552)
1952 Flashbacks - Chuck Bednarik, Lou Creekmur, Art Donovan, Frank Gifford, Hugh McElhenny
New Age Performers - Shaun Alexander, Matt Hasselback, Peyton Manning
Then and Now - Frank Gifford/Reggie Bush, Charley Trippi/Michael Vick, Art Donovan/Warren Sapp

Relics and Autographs:
Gridiron Collection - Sinorice Moss white throwback jersey
Heritage in the Cards autograph - Mario Williams

Ah, Heritage. My favorite line of cards.

I'm not exactly shy with my feelings about the Heritage line, or any other Archives/Flashback line of cards
Topps produces. As the company did when they produced Style 52 Basketball, Topps has taken the
classic 1952 baseball design, possibly their most famous ever because of the legendary Mickey Mantle
rookie card in the set, and used it for another set - this time 2006 Heritage Football. And the result is
nothing short of sensational.

It is rare for a set to be overshadowed by the design, but that is exactly what happens here - fortunately
with positive results. The photos are great, the checklist is top notch. The look, feel and smell of the
cards is all old school, right down to the gum in the packs.

There are plenty of bells and whistles in a box to keep the thrill seekers happy. As is the custom, there
are Chrome and Refractor parallels, plus the requisite throwback cards, this time to 1952 (no surprise
there, of course). Those are fun cards, although the New Age Performer cards are more "just there"
compared to the others. With the two other insert sets reflecting back on 1952, the third one, which
doesn't, almost seems out of place.

Yes, there are relics and autographs, as well. Relics should fall one per box, with the majority skewing
towards the stellar NFL rookie class, although there are a generous quantity of relics going back to
players in the Flashback insert set that look absolutely gorgeous. The autos range from the rookies
through some of today's stars and even legends (I've seen a picture online of a stunning Terry
Bradshaw auto, for instance). The odds are tough on the autos, but if I pulled one, I can certainly attest
that they are out there. The fact that I got one of the #1 pick in this year's draft is nice, too, even though he isn't the biggest of the
stars to come out of the draft.

But his. I don't think there is any other way to say it. I know I'm a bit partial to sets such as this, but who cares. This is a
beautiful set, with enough additional things in it to make everyone happy. Don't wait - just go get it........................