2006 Bowman Sterling Football

What I pulled--

Parallels and Inserts:
Rookie Card - Elvis Dumervil
Rookie Card Refractor - Kelly Jennings
Veteran Relic - Larry Johnson red Pro Bowl jersey
Rookie Relic - Michael Huff black jersey
Rookie Autograph - Quinton Ganther

Bowman Sterling is the high-end of the Bowman line, and there is a reason for that.

These cards are gorgeous.

I cracked a pack of this stuff, and, aside from pulling an autograph of a rookie I've never heard of, I was
thoroughly impressed with the beauty and detail Topps has put into the product. Each pack has five cards,
broken down above (not every pack will have a base card Refractor). If you are a fan of relics and rookie
autographs, Sterling is certainly worth the high price tag of somewhere in the $50 per pack range. Yes, if
you pull an autograph similar to the one I did, you will be disappointed. But that will fade over the course of
a full box if that is the direction you opt to go (there are some stunning dual autographs out there that will
certainly help you recoup your money should you get one).

I'm not assigning a full-grade to Bowman Sterling, but if this taste is an indication, the letter would probably
be right near the top.......................