2006 Topps Chrome Football

What I pulled--

Parallels and Inserts:
Refractors - Matt Hasselbeck, Andre Johnson, Kyle Orton, Ed Redd, Carlos Rogers, Hines Ward
Special Edition Rookies - Brodrick Bunkley, Jerome Harrison, Matt Leinart, Jerious Norwood
Special Edition Rookie Refractors - Haloti Hgata, Vince Young
Own The Game - Anquan Boldin, Edgerrin James, Ty Law, Eli Manning
Hall of Fame Class of 2006 - Harry Carson, Rayfield Wright
83/06 - Eric Dickerson, Dan Marino
Rong of Honor - Hines Ward
Red Refractor Boxtopper - Warrick Dunn (#140/259)

Base Autograph - Santonio Holmes
Blue Border Autograph - Travis Wilson (#19/50)

Chrome is not for everyone. I am not in that group.

How do you make a base set better? Make it Chrome. 2006 Chrome Football is here and, as you would
expect, it is beautiful. Take a chunk of the base set of 2006 Topps, add some rookies into it that weren't in
the base set, shine up some inserts, throw in some autographs and, voila, welcome to a beautiful box of
cards to open.

That really sums this box up. 165 veterans and 55 rookies make up the 220 card base set. The 50
autograph subjects are then tacked onto the end of the numbering, with base and autographed versions
available. The Own The Game, 83/06 and Hall of Fame sets are represented, as is the Hines Ward Ring
of Honor card. There are even some veteran and legend autographs sprinkled in (albeit at long odds) just
for the sake of making things interesting. Don't forget about the various refractors, either, which Chrome
fans know are just beautiful to look at.

Buyers of this set on a regular basis know where the extra value lies. Talk all you want about the Chrome
cards, but the autos are worth the chase. Falling one per box on average (yes, I beat the odds), the
subjects include some of the biggest names in this year's rookie class - Bush, Leinart, Young, Hawk, etc. I
think you get the point, and these autos are guaranteed to do well on the secondary market.

Yep. I love this set. No shocker there..........