2006 Topps Chrome Baseball

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Refractors - Livan Hernandez, Nate McLouth, Chad Tracy, Jason Vargas, Bob Wickman, Kevin Youkilis
Black Refractors - Howie Kendrick (#521/549), John Lackey (#393/549), Jake Peavy (#380/549), Jeremy Reed (#213/549)
Red Refractor Boxtopper - Jason Marquis (#73/90)
Barry Bonds Home Run History - 675, 700
Mickey Mantle Home Run History - 80, 90, 110
Declaration of Independence - Carter Braxton, Benjamin Franklin, Button Gwinnett, Benjamin Harrison, Benjamin Rush
Declaration of Independence Refractors - William Ellery, William Floyd, Thomas Stone
United States Constitution - Charles Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, George Read, John Rutledge
United State Constitution Refractors - George Washington, Hugh Williamson

Refractor - Craig Breslow (#236/500)
Black Refractor - Joey Devine (#128/200)

What is there not to like about Topps Chrome Baseball?

Topps has made a major adjustment to their Chrome issue in 2006. Unlike recent years, this year the set
is being released all at once rather than the normal two, like the base set. With the number of releases
allowed by each company limited to 20 by virtue of the MLBPA's decree, this allows Topps the opportunity
to release their normal sized Chrome set, yet at the same time either add a new set to their catalog or not
drop a popular one. That is a welcome feature for collectors.

As always, Chrome speaks for itself. It is the Topps base set, but the cards are chrome (wow, what a
succinct description by me). The attraction for collectors, besides the thick, glossy cards, are the Refractor
parallels, which this year come in basic and black, with a red boxtopper variation. Gone, however are
Xfractors, although Finest more than makes up for that. There are also two autograph parallels in each
box, with an overwhelming majority of them being rookies.

The inserts consist of Chrome version of some of the sets found in the base sets - Bonds HR History,
Mantle HR History, Declaration of Independence and U.S. Consitution (all with Refractor parallels, as well).
I think they overloaded the boxes with the historical inserts (I would rather get some more Refractors,
either base or another color), but that is my only quibble with the box.

This set really speaks for itself. Chrome buyers know exactly what they are getting in their purchase. It is
not for everyone, which we all know. But if you are a fan of Chrome or rookie autographs, you will definitely
be happy breaking a box of this.......................