2006 Bowman Originals

What I pulled--

Base Cards - Eric Chavez, Ichiro
Prospect Cards - Yovani Gallardo, Mark Trumbo
Blue Parallel - Victor Martinez (#204/249)
Encased Autographs - 2005 Bowman Justin Huber (#187/572), 2005 Bowman RC Sean West (#369/394)

I wish Bowman Originals was in my budget. After cracking open one pack of it, I would love bust some

With a price tag in the neighborhood of $70 a pack, Bowman Originals presents a lot of bang for your buck.
Forget about the base cards and parallels (which are very attractive, by the way). Anyone who buys this
product is doing it for one reason...the encased, autographed buybacks.

Let's get right down to the autographed cards. There are two in each pack, and the concept is simple.
Topps rounded up as many Bowman cards as they could, got them all signed on the card (no stickers
here), hand numbered them, then put them in sealed plastic holders. The player list covers the gamut of
baseball players, from Albert Pujols, A-Rod and David Wright right on down. Obviously, the packs are going
to be hit or miss, but with a box purchase, the number of solid players you pull will be worth the investment.

I'm not assigning a full-grade to Bowman Originals off of one pack, but if anyone wants to buy me one as a gift, I have a feeling
it is going to get a great grade.......................