2006 Bowman Football

What I pulled--

Parallels, Relics and Autographs:
Blue Parallels: Brodie Croyle (#470/500), Omar Gaither (#320/500), Brandon Lloyd (#345/500), Curtis Martin (#203/500)
White Parallel: Bernard Pollard (#65/125)
Rookie Rewind Relic: DeAngelo Williams red throwback jersey
Signs of the Future - Jeff Webb

I noticed something different with Bowman Football the moment I opened the first pack.

The borders were gray.

For the first time since, well, who knows when, the borders of a Bowman base set are not black.
The change is welcome, and the gray used is the perfect color - not too radical, not too

The pack opening experience is pure Bowman. Each pack of ten cards is made up of four blue framed
rookie cards, three red framed veteran cards, one gold parallel and two chrome rookie subset cards. The
Home of the Rookie Card is back and in full force, and overflowing with all of the big new NFL names. It is
a simple concept, with 110 vets and 165 rookies making up the main set, plus 55 cards in the chrome set.
Obviously some rookies are in both sets, but the top guys, like Leinart, Bush et al., are not, so their debut
Chrome cards will be in the upcoming Bowman Chrome release.

AS always, there are relics and autos in the box, with one of each per box. The autos focus on the rookies,
as usual, and the Leon Washington "Bird" autograph is creating quite a stir these days, drawing
mainstream press attention because of the double middle finger pose on the card. The relics are also
rookie-centric, with a lot of the top picks on the roster. And we can't forget about the parallels, with blue and
white versions falling at a nice rate.

It is difficult for this product to be disappointing. You know what you are getting with Bowman - tons of rookie cards and a little
additional value with the auto and the relic. The tweak in design is a positive one, so how can I not give a really good