2006 Bowman Chrome Baseball

What I pulled--

Refractors - Jeff Francoeur, Aubrey Huff, Mark Loretta, Kazuo Matsui, Ervin Santana
FIrst Year Refractor - Matt Guillory (#16/500)
First Year Xfractor - Gustavo Espinoza (#61/250)

Base - Jon Lester
Refractor - Kendry Morales (#355/500)

Bowman Chrome Baseball is one of those sets that collectors anxiously await every year. And every year, it
fails to disappoint.

The concept, like all of Topps' chrome sets, is simple - take the base set and make it chrome. It is a
formula Topps has been using with their base set lines for many years and it always is successful.
Rookie card collectors in particular look forward to the debut of this set so they can get copies of all the big
rookie cards of the year.

As always, the cards are color coded (red for vets, green for prospects, blue for rookie cards), with the
rookies making up a separate "insert" set as per the new MLBPA rules. There are also the multiple levels
of refractors and xfractors. And, of course, there are the autographs. This is the set that brought us the
most important card of the 21st century - the 2001 autographed Albert Pujols rookie card that now sells for
well into four figures. Is the next Pujols in this set? There are one or two autos in each box (I was lucky
enough to pull two really nice ones).

This is one of those sets where words really can't tell the whole story. Bowman Chrome is gorgeous, the
refractors and xfractors are gorgeous, and the autos bring a whole lot of potential bang for the buck. I love
assigning grades is made easy.......................