2006-07 Topps Chrome Basketball

What I pulled--

Parallels and Inserts:
Refractors - Caron Butler, Baron Davis, Desmond Mason, Vladimir Radmanovic, Amare Stoudemire,
Dwyane Wade
Rookie Throwbacks - Andrea Bargnani, Marcus Williams, Shelden Williams

Black Refractor - Hilton Armstrong

Chrome sets are very simple to review.

If you like the regular set, you are going to like the chrome set. If you don't like chrome cards, you aren't
going to like this...but of course, you aren't going to buy it anyway.

I am a huge fan of the 2006-07 Topps set, and love chrome cards, so this review is going to be short and
sweet. I love this set. However, Topps has gone the extra yard this time around. FOrget about the one auto
per box. Forget about the refractors. Forget about all of the rookie cards (I pulled a whopping 16 in my box
of 24 packs). What puts things over the top is something very simple - I love those Flashback cards (see
image on the right). It is a ten-year old design, but still looks good today. And it is a great twist in a box that
doesn't normally have one.

I know I'm not really saying all that much in this review. But some sets just speak for themselves.
Chromies are going to be very, very happy with this purchase. It is as simple as that..........