2006-07 Topps Full Court Basketball

What I pulled--

Short Prints, Parallels and Inserts:
Chrome Rookies (#ed to 999) - LaMarcus Aldridge, Damir Markota, J.J. Redick
Chrome Rookie Refractor - Patrick O'Bryant (#124/199)
1st Day Issue - Walt Frazier (#25/429), Oscar Robertson (#234/429)
Photographer's Proof - Jason Kidd (#97/199), Gerald Wallace (#124/199)
Court Records (#ed to 1499) - Randy Foye, Dwyane Wade
Full Court Press (#ed to 1499) - Ron Artest, Joe Johnson
Half Court Press (#ed to 999) - Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade

Relic Cards and Autographs:
Full Court Press - Manu Ginobili white jersey (#473/499), Rajon Rondo white jersey (#435/499)
Half Court Press - Vince Carter white jersey (#155/249)
Co-Signer Autographs - Renaldo Balkman/Mardy Collins

Have you ever had that feeling of deja vu?

When I opened up my box of Topps Full Court Basketball, I harkened back to the days of Stadium
Club, with the beautiful photos, borderless cards and simple designs. And that flashback made
me feel all warm and comfy inside, as if I had reconnected with an old friend.

An 18-pack box of Full Court does not disappoint, and carries quite a bit of value. Each pack
comes with some sort of insert, which gives guaranteed bang for the buck right out of the game.
The inserts all come as thicker cards, which will deter pack searchers and successfully hides the
relic and autographed cards. The overwhelming majority of the inserts are numbered, making
each one feel just a little special, even if the numbers range up to 1499. So far, there is nothing to
be upset about, right? It only gets better.

Each box brings two numbered relic cards (in my case, I pulled an extra one) and a dual-signed
autograph card, some of which feature some very interesting pairings...how cool would it be to
pull one of the Bill Walton/John Wooden cards, for instance? All of the rookie cards are chrome
and numbered, as well, and also carry a refractor parallel. There are a good number of veteran cards scattered along the
checklist, as well, to make that feeling of deja vu even more distinct.

Negatives? I pulled three relics, but each one was a plain white swatch. Boring!!! More negatives? Well, er, uh, I'm at a loss. I
just can't think of any more.

This is a great product, plain and simple. It combines attainable full sets with plentiful parallels and inserts with great pictures.
Old and new collectors will all be very satisfied with a box of Full Court, making a grade very simple..........