2006-07 Triple Threads Basketball

What I pulled--

Base cards (#ed to 899) - Allen Iverson, Bernard King, Shawn Marion
Sepia Parallel - Raymond Felton (#210/299)
Emerald Parallel - Allen Iverson (#120/199)
Triple Relic Gold Parallel - Charlie Villanueva triple jersey (#4/9)

I love Triple Threads. How can I not? It is one of the great new products in the

The concept is simple. Make a premium product, and make it worth the high
price tag. That is what Topps has accomplished with all of the Triple Threads
products across all of the sports.

Each six card pack (packs come two per box), contains one triple relic or
autographed triple relic, all numbered to no more than 36. There is a multitude
of parallels, all the way down to platinum base cards and "White Whales"
numbered to 1. The roster of players in the set is about as good as it gets,
including some of the most legendary names in the game's history, like Larry
Bird and Magic Johnson.

I only opened one pack, and will admit the triple relic I pulled wasn't the best one out there, but that doesn't matter in this case.
I'm sure the other pack contained a monster card. Too bad I didn't get to see it, but that $100 price tag is a bit out of my range.

By rule, I won't be giving a grade. I think I know what it should be, though.......................

Official Grade: Inc.

Hunch Grade: A+