2006-07 Bowman Sterling Basketball

What I pulled--

Rookie Cards - Jose Barea, Pops Mensah-Bonsu
Veteran Relic - Amare Stoudemire white jersey
Rookie Relic - Shawne Williams yellow jersey
Rookie Autograph - Randy Foye w/ black jersey

Ah, high-end products. We all know the deal. If you can afford them and don't mind the risk, you
love them. If you can't afford them, you live vicariously through others. If you are somewhere in
between, well, buy at your own risk.

Bowman Sterling is one of those high-end products that usually comes through, though. Five
cards, all super-high glossy with chrome technology. Two relics and one autograph per pack.
Plenty of refractors in packs. And, given that it skews heavily towards rookie cards, a rookie
autograph checklist second to none. On top of all that, these cards, as they are across the entire
Bowman Sterling cross-brand line, are beautiful.

I cracked a pack of this stuff, and was thoroughly impressed with the beauty and detail Topps has put into the product. If you
are a fan of relics and rookie autographs, Sterling is certainly worth the high price tag of somewhere in the $50 per pack range.
And if you are lucky enough pull an autograph similar to the one I did, you will be absolutely thrilled.

I'm not assigning a full-grade to Bowman Sterling, but I have a feeling I would be gushing if I did.......................