2006-07 Topps Big Game Basketball

What I pulled--

Basecards - Bobby Jones (#545/579), Richard Jefferson (#250/269)
Blue Parallel - Allen Iverson (#19/59)
Draft Day Moments Oversized Relic - LaMarcus Aldridge red jersey (#23/99)
Picture Perfect Autographed Relic - Cedric Simmons yellow jersey (#64/199)

Topps really does high-end basketball cards right.

After starting the season with the solid debut of Bowman Elevation, the card manufacturer takes it one step
further with the one back in a box Topps Big Game. And this is one game I don't mind playing over and

Each five card pack comes packaged inside an attractive box, although I actually prefer last year's metal
containers, to be honest, as they give the pack a very special feel rather than feeling like just a package.
Once you open up the pack, thou, it is going to be nothing but smiles.

Each pack contains three regular cards - one veteran #ed to 269, one rookie #ed to 579 and one of a few
different colored parallels with varying numbers. The design on the cards is elegant and a major
improvement over last year's boring, metallic layout. There might be a little too much white space for some
people, but that is just quibbling.

The main piece of the box, of course, is in the relics and autographs. You are going to get one relic card
and one autographed relic card in each box. Many of the relics are either oversized or are patches, and
there are also multi-piece cards in the mix. The player selection skews heavily towards rookies, but this
year's rookie class is so good, I doubt anyone is going to complain about the player checklist. As with the
base cards, this year's design is leaps and bounds better than last year's. The oversized Aldridge I pulled
is a prime example of just how attractive these cards are.

Topps Big Game is not cheap, with packs running in the mid $50 range or so. But if you pull the right cards, that money is well
worth it. Even if you don't get the most favorable cards, you are still going to be happy with some beautiful pieces. All that adds
up to a very nice grade..........