2005 Topps Chicago White Sox World Series Commemorative Set

The final score of this year's World Series might have been four games to none, but no one
can deny that the score wasn't nearly indicative of how close the games actually were. Throw
in the White Sox winning their first Series in 88 years and this was truly one of the more
memorable Series in recent memory.

Topps has gone to great lengths to capture this year's Series with their Chicago White Sox
World Series Commemorative Gift Set. The 55 card set features 29 players, manager Ozzie
Guillen, a team card, five Season Highlights cards and 19 Postseason Highlights cards. In
addition, there is an individually wrapped oversized team card. The 55 card set is the same
design as Topps' 2005 regular and update sets and, considering the great design of the
2005 set, who can blame the design team for the decision. Each card is also adorned with a
2005 World Series logo.

This set is a great tribute to a deserving World Series champ. I will say that the packaging
leaves a bit to be desired, though. Something like this should be in a nicer box or even a tin,
rather than the same type of box and packaging used for retail boxes (including the
styrofoam inside). But that kind of complaint is more quibbling than anything else. This is a
great product for any White Sox fan and a solid product for baseball fans in general......