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2005 Topps Heritage

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Chrome Parallel (#ed to 1956) - Chris Denorfia, Jeff Kent, Glen Perkins, Scott Rolen
Chrome Refractor Parallel (#ed to 556) - Adrian Beltre
New Age Performers - Nomar Garciaparra
1956 Flash Back - Luis Aparicio, Stan Musial
Then and Now - Bill Bruton/Carl Crawford, Eddie Yost/Bobby Abreu

Relic Cards:

Think back to when you opened packs of cards as a kid. The joy of ripping the wrapper open. The smell of the gum. The card stock.
The feeling of the sharp corners on the card as you went through the cards for the first time. Need it, need it, got it, need it.

Opening a box like Topps Heritage takes you back to your youth. It brings out that child inside you like no other product on the market
today. And isn't that what collecting cards should be all about?

This product is not about inserts or relics or autographs. It is about the card itself. And these cards satisfy in every way possible.
Based on the 1956 Topps set, everything about the cards says collect me. There are short prints to make a full set a bit more
challenging (I haven't gone through all of mine, but I found an Ichiro variation SP and one of the Pujols SPs already). The player
selection ranges from all the stars to plenty of first-timers. There are team cards and managers. And the Montreal Expos are now
officially the Washington Nationals in more ways than one - here they are pictured in their new uniforms.

As for the inserts, they are basic and, while not plentiful, fun nonetheless. I didn't pull a relic or auto (they fall two out of every three
boxes and, as seems to be my luck with Topps products, I got the third box), but I won't complain about that.

All I know is that I look forward to this set coming out every year, just like many of the collectors out there. And I was not disappointed
again this year. In fact, I loved it more than usual. This set made me smile and remember what collecting is really about. For that, I
give it an.......................

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