2005 Topps Turkey Red Football

What I pulled--

Oversized Box Topper - Randy Moss
White - Jeremiah Trotter, Ernest Wilford, Terence Newman, Bryant Johnson, Michael Vick, Reggie Brown
Black - Jeremiah Trotter, Duce Staley
Gold - Ronnie Brown (#44/50)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
Relic - Tom Brady blue jersey (#86/299)
Autograph - Mark Clayton (#48/199)

Coming off the overwhelming success of Topps Turkey Red baseball, the folks at
Topps have brought that set into the football fold with overwhelming results.

These are beautiful cards. Period. End of story. With their grayish borders, slightly
pilled face and old-style painted portrait design, Turkey Red results in some of the
most eye-popping cards of recent memory.

To make things even better for the collector, Topps throws some neat wrinkles into
the box. There are cards of U.S. Presidents sprinkled through the set. Parallels (red,
white, black and serially numbered gold and very rare wood) fall one per pack.
Autographs and relic cards each fall one per 24 pack box. And, as an added
bonus, each box comes with an oversized box topper parallel.

But those are all icing on the cake, since this is truly is one of those sets
where the base cards just pop and words do not do them justice.

I can keep writing about this set, but I won't be able to say enough. Look at
some of the cards to the right - my point is easily made...........