2005 Topps Heritage Football

What I pulled--

Parallels and Inserts:
Mirrorboard Parallel - Reggie Brown, David Greene, Pac Man Jones, Donovan McNabb, Roscoe Parrish, Javon Walker
Then and Now - Ozzie Newsome/Tony Gonazalez, Deacon Jones/Dwight Freeney
New Age Performers - Shaun Alexander
Felt Banner Box Topper - 1956 Cleveland Browns

Basic - Andrew Walter

Topps' Heritage line is consistently among the best products produced every year. 2005 Football is no exception.

This edition of Heritage features six different card fronts, with the backs matching the original print run, as well. Rather than
describing each, here are scans of all six:

As they do with all of their Heritage brands in all of their sports (as well as with Bowman Heritage), Topps went through
painstaking lengths to make sure all the details are covered, right down to the scratch backs on the appropriate cards. This
set is a set builders dream, and the varied designs make putting it all together more enjoyable than usual. And when some of
the cards make you think fondly back to your childhood, cracking open packs of this set brings you the ultimate in card

There are parallels and inserts, with the mirrorboard cards falling 1 in 4 packs, and one autograph coming in each box. But
let's be honest - that isn't what buying a box of Heritage is all about.

Do yourself a favor. Go buy a box of these cards. Then sit back and enjoy opening them. Trust me - this might be the most fun
you'll have opening a box of cards...........