2005 Bowman's Best Football

What I pulled--

Blue - Marc Bulger (#996/1399), Matt Hasselbeck (#367/1399), Peyton Manning (#443/1399), Willis McGahee (#1311/1399),
Rick Razzano (#1113/1399), Justin Tuck (#274/1399)
Green - Madison Hedgecock (#622/799), Mike Nugent (#285/799)
Red - Drew Bennett (#23/499)
Silver - Odell Thurman (#11/25)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
Relics - Ciatrick Fason purple jersey (green parallel - #111/599), Courtney Roby dark blue jersey (#218/799)
Autographs - Ryan Fitzpatrick (red parallel - #74/199), J.R. Russell (green parallel - #123/599), Demarcus Ware (#117/999)

Well, talk about a loaded box. When 15 of the 50 cards in the box are either parallels, relics or
autographs, I think loaded is a great way to put it.

Forget about the nice design. Forget about the glossy finish. Forget, as well, about the great action
photos. The first thing you notice about this set is the parallels. Coming in a variety of colors (and
corresponding numbering), there is one in every pack, so you know that, at a minimum, you are getting
something numbered in every pack you buy.

The set is heavily skewed towards rookies, with just 50 of the 100 base cards being veterans. Another
27 cards are rookie relics and 40 are rookie autos, bringing the total base set total to 167 cards. In
addition, there are non-base relic and autograph cards of a mix of veterans and rookies, not to mention
the Topps 50th Anniversary Team, although the cards that are not base cards carry fairly long odds on
being pulled.

Considering the number of parallels and inserts in the box, the price point is quite reasonable for
Bowman's Best, making this one of the best values on the market right now. It is a mid-range product
that carries the bang of a much higher priced one. And if you are lucky enough to pull one of the big
name autographs, the value goes through the roof.

Regardless of your luck with your box, it is tough to not be happy when you are done opening this