2005 Bowman Chrome Football

What I pulled--

Red Refractors - Ted Cottrell, Lee Evans, Charlie Frye, Darrell Jackson, Kerry Rhodes

Noah Herron

Everything is better in chrome. And that certainly goes for this set, the Chrome cousin of 2005 Bowman

As with the basic Bowman set, this box is loaded with rookie cards - 110 veterans, 110 basic rookies and
39 autographed rookies make up the set. Of course, since we all know that Bowman is the "Home of the
Rookie Card", this is no surprise. The design is great and actually pops even better in chrome than it does
on cardboard. The color coding is the same, with vets in red and rookies in blue.

Of course, there are refractors to talk about. I pulled five basic ones, but there are also numbered blue,
bronze, silver and 1 of 1 gold refractors floating around out there at increasingly high odds. In addition, a
set of 15 Feltback inserts are also included (seeded 1in 399 packs).

Autographs abound, with one coming in each 18-pack box. And if you are lucky enough to pull one of the
star rookies from the NFL this past season (including names like "Cadillac" Williams, Shawne Merriman
and Braylon Edwards), you've got a card any collector would love to have.

Football "Chromies" rejoice. This year's edition of Bowman Chrome Football is a winner...........