2005 Bowman Football

What I pulled--

Silver Parallel - Mark Bradley (#33/200), Alex Barron (#107/200)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
Throwback Threads - Ciatrick Fason white jersey
Signs of the Future - Craig Bragg

There are certain brands that are like Teflon. Throw any criticism you want at it, but no matter how hard you
try, it just doesn't stick.

Bowman is one of them.

There is a reason Bowman is called "Home of the Rookie Card". 165 of the 275 cards in this set are
exactly that - rookie cards. And all of the big name rookies are here....Smith, Orton, Arrington, etc. (in fact,
five of the biggest - Braylon Edwards, Aaron Rodgers, Ronnie Brown, Alex Smith and Cadillac Williams -
have autographed parallels).

As is their tradition, the card is designed simply, with a black border augmented with red for
veteran cards and blue for the rookies. The gold veteran parallels are back, as well. The veteran
player selection is top notch (including Jerry Rice in a Broncos uniform) and also includes some
new or transplanted head and assistant coaches.

Each box includes one relic, one autograph and two silver parallels. The relics are exclusively
rookies, while the autos are a mix of rookies, a few coaches and the Topps 50th Anniversary
Team, featuring some of the greatest in the game's history (although the legends are seeded at
the astronomical rate of 1:26,680). My only complaint about the set is with the silver parallels,
which are only marginally different than the regular cards and are difficult to pick out when opening
a pack. Of course, if that is the only complaint, it is more nitpicking than anything else.

Anyone who complains about this product is missing the point. A low price, 165 rookie cards, a
great selection of veterans and an auto and relic in every box deserves a great grade...........